Learn about the road to sainthood for Blessed Solanus Casey, the Wisconsin-born Capuchin and "Porter of Mercy" whose intercession led to many favors granted by God.

Fr. Solanus has achieved the first three stages in the Steps Toward Sainthood: Servant of God, then the title of Venerable which was bestowed July 11, 1995. On May 4, 2017, Pope Francis announced the next step, Beatification.  The reported healing was investigated and has been accepted by the church as being miraculous, through the intercession of Venerable Solanus. 

Our Capuchin brother Fr. Solanus Casey was beatified on November 18, 2017.

This allows public veneration of him as being a saintly and holy person and with that he receives the title of “Blessed.”

With this declaration, he is acknowledged as one who is in heaven, in union with God, and is given the title of “Blessed.”  There will be official Mass prayers and liturgical devotions allowed to him  – asking for his continued intercession with God for the needs of God’s people.

The cause will now advance to the next step, canonization, after approval of a second true miracle. The process is lengthy and complex, so we honor it by our patience and diligent prayers for those in Rome making the decisions.

Pray For Canonization of Blessed Solanus Casey

O God, I adore You. I give myself to You.
May I be the person You want me to be,
and May Your will be done in my life today.
I thank You for the gifts You gave Father Solanus.
If it is Your Will, bless us with the Canonization of
Father Solanus so that others may imitate
and carry on his love for all the poor and
suffering of our world.
As he joyfully accepted Your divine plans,
I ask You, according to Your Will,
to hear my prayer for… (your intention)
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
“Blessed be God in all His Designs.”
The Most Reverend Allen H. Vigneron
Archbishop of Detroit
May 2017