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St. Francis Parish Office is currently recruiting volunteers to help for four hours on Wednesdays. Time frame is flexible.

St. Francis Parish is looking for some church cleaning volunteers.  The usual schedule is on Saturdays at 9am.

If you are willing and can offer some time please contact the parish office or Sign Up Online.

27 de junio, 2021
Misa dominical de 10:30

Iglesia de San Francisco
1927 N. Vel R. Phillips Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Se les dará una bendición especial a las personas nombradas Juan, Juana y Juanita.

Tendremos comida y musica despues de la Misa.

Celebración de San Juan Bautista Patrón de Puerto Rico

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The Gospel says that we need to hate our mother and father and family in order to be a disciple of Jesus. “Hate” was the word used in the Gospel. That sounds pretty harsh. I looked up the meaning behind that line and found that the evangelist Luke is emphasizing the total dedication to Jesus that is necessary of the true disciple. He doesn’t actually mean to hate our family members. But he’s trying to make the point that Jesus must be Number 1 in our lives if we are going to follow him.