Thanks to the hard work of many people, including volunteers from St. Francis of Assisi, Catholic Financial Life, and the Family of Four Parishes. The Sr. Thea Bowman House is taking shape. 

Beth Van Gorp, also from MKE Habitat, shared that it “looks like the next volunteer dates will be drywall in November and then painting, flooring and finishing tasks in December/January. We should have the November/ December dates in mid-September.”

Habitat has raised $11,784 out of a goal of $25,000 in conjunction with the Sr. Bowman Catholic House. Thanks for all the hard work.

Photo is from Kristi Sebald from Milwaukee Habitat - Building on Faith.

From Dean Roder: We had another hard-working team drywalling in 90+ temperatures last weekend! We have done just shy of 250 hours already this year and 500 over the past 3 years! Thank you! I am awaiting additional days for St Francis to fill for Sept and/or October and will let you know when I have another date or two.

Habitat is doing a house that's being built by a number of Catholic parishes and some volunteers from the archdiocese (St Francis kind of led the way on this a couple of years ago. We were the only Catholic parish involved). For that house, we can sign up individually to work alongside other parish volunteers.

Please sign up and pass this along to other friends/family who may want to volunteer. Please let me know if you sign up for any days so I can join you if possible!

Division of Care and Treatment Services

As of July 16, 2022, anyone in mental health distress can call 988, send a text to 988, or use the online chat function on to connect with a counselor through what will be known as the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. Wisconsinites who use 988 will connect with an in-state service that we fund known as the Wisconsin Lifeline. For more information about the implementation of 988 in Wisconsin, please contact Caroline Crehan Neumann.

Dear parish members of St. Francis,

The Ladies of Charity of Milwaukee thank you for your very generous donation of $1,585.00. We understand this was collected as a special collection in March [the 1st Sunday 2nd collection].
We thank you for choosing our organization and supporting our mission. This donation will be used to purchase new socks and underwear along with winter jackets, hats and gloves. Last school year, we were able to provide clothing for 1100 needy children in the Milwaukee area. This is only possible because of people like you and your generosity. On behalf of our families, we thank you again for your generosity of spirit.

Blessings to all of you.

s/Mary Roets and Susan Westlake, co-presidents of Ladies of Charity

Date: Sunday, August 1st
Time: 11:00am
Location: 1601 W. Howard Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53221

No 10:30 Mass at St. Francis that day! The rest of the schedule remains the same.

Misa en el Festival Puertorriqueño

Fecha: domingo 1 de agosto
Hora: 10:30
Ubicación: 1601 W. Howard Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53221
¡No habrá misa a las 10:30 en St. Francis ese día! El resto del horario permanece igual.